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Thank you all. This has to be an apple seedling because I took the seed straight from the fruit itself. Should I prune the leaves at the top because of the white spots? 

I'm a little confused. 


Hi, as Landgirl suggests I would remove the curled leaf as it looks as though it could be infested by insects. I would leave the others in situ. At this time of year a lot of leaves will be in poor condition and your plant may well drop them before producing more in spring. However, they are still helping your plant through the winter. With the shortest day not having been reached yet we still have a long way to go...

Thank you. I'll remove the curled leaves as you have suggested. 

Lion S

Dahmendra, the white spots you are referring to don't look problematic to me. Just some  spider mite damage which at the moment won't do it any harm anymore because apple trees are deciduous so the leaves will be falling of soon. Hope this helps.


thank you! I've noticed some tiny spiders hiding between the leaves of the beside plants in my balcony. Thanks for informing about those leaves falling soon, I would not be shocked when I see my leaves falling later. 


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