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Could someone please identify this weird white leaf growing from the aphical meristem of my apple seedling?

the main stem is getting brown, is there any reason for this? 

Thank you.


Your pictures are too blurry to see anything

what about the stem? why is it getting brown? thank you. 

if you can notice, there is a white thing which looks like a leaf. is it common? because this is the first time i am growing an apple seedling.


What are the two sticks in the pot?. Do you know that it wont get apples ever on it? it looks like a weed in the pot to me.



I can't see anything there that is an apple tree, or potentially an apple tree

i am sorry for the poor image quality. Yes, it is an apple seedling. I left the two sticks to provide support. 

 I hope that this image would be better. 

Fleurisa wrote (see)

Your pictures are too blurry to see anything

i hope the recent image has a better quality. 

If i am not mistaken, the plant is flowering at just 2 months! i dont know the reason behind this.


Good morning! Unfortunately the quality of your pictures is not good enough to show the detail needed.

The browning of the stem is probably due to aging and thickening to support the plant.

The white 'leaf' you refer to I can't see well enough to comment on.

As has already been mentioned, the prospect of getting apples - if this is indeed an apple seedling, is a long way off. Apple trees are usually grafted not grown from seed. Certainly continue with  growing your seedling, I would like to see some future pictures but in order to produce apples within your life time, you will have a much better chance in purchasing a good young tree from GC or a supermarket in spring.

oh thank you! the seedling is growing well now. Will update new and better quality pictures soon. 


 The leaves are having some white dots, but I bet its not some disturbance by insects. Can someone please identify the problem?

It doesn't look like an apple seedling to me. Apples don't have serrated leaves like your seedling. 


I had to go and look it up - apples do have serrated leaves, although I agree that this didn't say "apple" to me when I first looked at it. I also looked up "apical meristem" - it is the growing tip.

I would remove that curled-up leaf just in case it is infested with something. I can't see the white bit referred to above because when I click on the images they open huge with poor definition.

I put in "apple seedling" and many look similar to the one in the photos. The illustrations in my books also show varying degrees of serration. Young tree leaves do tend to look different to mature ones - I'm speaking as a botanist, more than as a gardener.  But I do agree, I'm not convinced it's an apple. I can't identify it as any common weed, though.