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My strawberry plants are suffering from severe die back on the leaves. Some plants look dead. I pulled one up and it appears to have little red bits all around the roots. The plants were new last year and planted in troughs with new compost.any ideas?
Check the compost for vine weevils, they are a major pest which eats the roots. Your plants will suddenly wilt and die once the root destruction becomes terminal.
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you might have some damage from the frost or cold wind,they do have a bit of die back this time of year and new leaves will appear.Old plants will look a bit withered but it is the young ones you nee to keep an eye on.


I have 2 strawberry plants in pots which I kept in the mini greenhouse over winter. After checking a few weeks ago I thought I'd lost one of them but left it alone and hey ho it's doing just fine now so leave them a while & hopefully they'll recover


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