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Hello - I wonder if anybody else has this problem and could shed some light please? Overnight all the leaves from the strawberry plants in a bed and also in pots in the front garden have been eaten. Every last bit of every last leaf. Stalks and some flowers left intact. No sign of slugs or snails. We do get deer in the garden and (though not for several years) occasional rabbits. Suggestions please?! And do you think any chance of them regrowing? PS: I also have several 'wild' strawberry plants but these weren't touched. Thank you!

Sounds like an occasional rabbit to me - in an urban district it's only a problem for people with pet rabbits: apparently the leaves are irresistible...


Deer eat strawberry leaves - I now keep mine in pots in the greenhouse


Ps - they do regrow


ive got a pet rabbit and he loves strawberry leaves, so id say its prob rabbits, they are quick and prolific eaters .

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