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joyce mannell



I have started something on this site havent I but as you say it needs looking into before anything serously happens


@dov.. i wish my council were told that.. they adopt it when it suist them and not when it


I think Joyce will find her road is adopted, just that it is not on the road sweeping route.

joyce mannell

I have contacted the highways dept I have contacted cit advice just waiting for reply




joyce mannell

Hi All


I had brilliant news today after complaining to the council who got in touch with colus who called on me this morning he sorted   out my problems and phoned back to say our cul de sac should be swept  so he never said why it wasnt swpt before so he said they will spray the area with weed killer and sweep it every week its made my day

Pays to complain doesnt it 


Congratulations Joyce! This is wonderful news for you and your neighbours - well done!


Well done Joyce,

Weekly sweeping is unusual,we get monthly sweeping here.

Had to complain to the Council recently though as the sweeper did not use the water suppression unit and it belched dust everywhere,it was a hot day and came in through the windows which were covered in dust as were the cars.

joyce mannell

Daintiness &GillyL

Yes what a surprise after the emails I sent the council  who said they wont clean the culdesac  as its private land  

Ive seen the road cleaner and road sweeper   perhaps they do it alternately  


joyce mannell

Hi All


The road sweeper swept the cul de sac twice this week I put a note in all the neabours doors one never moved there car  anyhow I met the road sweeper  I said you have a job on clearing up all the leaves I said why wasnt it done before  he was told it was a garden area then  he said another time he was told it was tarmacked which he could see it wasnt 

Anyhow I am pleased thats sorted at last  also thanks for your replies

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