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Hi there,

Has anyone else not received their copy of the magazine?

It was due to arrive on the 28/12/2017.

I have emailed customer enquiries as the don’t open for general questions on the weekend only orders...




Possibly something to do with Christmas/New Year, volume of post and number of non-working days ?


I had an email saying it would arrive after the 28th Dec but mine arrived before Xmas.

Thanks both, perhaps I need to be patient 👍


I have given up with my subscription as it hardly ever arrived until the middle of the month if at all. Shame as the french magazines aren't a patch on it.   


Hello richtarling, 

Has your magazine now arrived?

Hi NoraGW,

Nope still no luck! I’ve emailed the subscription and will call them too.


Ok, fingers crossed. Feel free to send me a PM if you need any further help!


Floralies - I too gave up my subscription as it was a) expensive; b) didn't include the freebies the UK get; c) often arrived later than the same magazine, with freebies in the shops with ex-pat clients around Brussels.

Haven't seen one round here yet but I did  find the December issue, with calendar, at Nantes airport when we went to fetch Possum so am a happy bunny.

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