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How do people take cuttings? 

I have done it before with varied success but want to know the best method.

This year I have taken lots of cuttings and put them in a heated propagator and they all wilted. Then I put some in pots with food bags over them and they were successful until I couldn't be bothered to put the bags back on all of them again.

Is this the best method?


They wilted because the leaves lost more water than they could replace. It may have been too warm and direct sun on fresh cuttings will cause them to wilt, I leave them somewhere in light shade for the 1st few days. Trimming leaves back will help reduce water loss.
I generally use a free draining compost, place the cuttings right at the edge of the pot and the gentle warmth from a heated propagator should help them root quickly.
I generally get better results covering with a plastic bag, but more than often I can't be bothered 

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