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Just been checking out the progress of my sugar snaps and most of the leaves have white marks on them, they are not raised, or damaged as faras i can tell and there is no residue etc.

Is this normal or do i have a problem? Pic below.



no one any ideas?


They look jolly healthy to me - I can see the marks you refer to - I've not grown peas for a while - I do remember leaves having those marks in the past but I've never thought them to be indicative of a problem and certainly they didn't seem to affect the cropping. 

Wouldn't worry about it personally 

Thanks Dove, they do look really healthy, but just wanted to check as frankly i dont know what is good or bad yet.


My crop of peas have same markings but are healthy and now flowering so as Dove says don't worry.

If I remember correctly I've had these markings before but usually later in the season when I'm already picking peas, but they continued to produce without problem.

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