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A neighbour is digging out the remains of a leylandii, from where it has been for 20+ years. If I fill the hole with ericaceous compost will it be ok to plant a small acer there?  Thanks for help.  Mags  

If the site is relatively sheltered from cold winds, from the hottest of direct sun and soil is reasonably moist an Acer should be fine there Mags

You don't really need it to be too acid but a good mixture of compost, ericaceous soil and/or bark  chips plus a little organic granular fertiliser is added it should be fine.

Make sure those conifer  roots are removed....leave no stump behind if you can.  Water it well

The soil will be depleted, dry, hungry and poor so mix compost etc. generously in it.  


Thanks Verdun.  I will follow your advice.  My neighbour has done the best he can with the roots, and better than I expected.  Mags

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