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Hi, i have a Summer flowering evergreen Clematis, growing up a trellis on my fence(I think its a summer one but could be early autumn,as i have lost the instruction card and cant remember even the name of it.) i bought it as a very small plant last spring, so it has not flowered yet but has put on a lot of growth since,and has grown to the top of the trellis already.I would like to know when and how to prune it ,if at all.I am  a very novice gardener but am learning slowly through the kind help of all you experts on this forum,it has given me so much inspiration, so this is where i come when i have a problem and would be really grateful for any help.Have tried to upload a Pic of the plant but its not letting me do it at the moment,but will keep trying.Kind regards Elizabeth.


I'm not a clematis expert, but I think I'm right in saying that evergreen clematis don't need regular pruning; only if they've outgrown their space do you need to tackle them.  If I'm wrong someone on here will tell us I'm sure 

Hi everyone,am finally able able  to upload pic of my evergreen clematis,


I don't recognise that. Looks more like a honeysuckle to me.


Possibly clematis cartmanii or one of its cultivars?

No that's not cartmanii They have fern-like leaves.

Your plant does look as if it could do with a feed - yellowing leaves.

It's not armandii either as that had glaucous leaves.

Oh crikey! now i am confused lol! perhaps it is a honysuckle,i bought so many plants last year,i do remember buying a honeysuckle and a clematis, and i lost one of them,thought it was the honeysuckle i lost. On closer inspection it does look more like honeysuckle leaves.Will soon know when it flowers. Told you i was a novice haha!. Oh well, we live and learn.Thank you all for all your help.Should i just feed it with a general fertiliser? Kind regards Elizabeth.


Of the ones that are easily avaialable, it could be armandii Apple Blossom which flowers from March to May.  If it is, it can get very big - 5 to 7 metres - so needs rather more growing space than you have allowed.   It is a group 1 which means prune after flwoering finishes to keep it in bounds and renew flowering vigour.

It may also be Green Velvet which does flower later but is also a group 1 for pruning purposes.

Thanks very much obelixx, will have to have a look through my gardening book to see if i can find it.


You'll be more likely to find it in here - using the search facility.   You can enter "evergreen" in the text box and then work your way through the list to see if you can find yours.  Most have pictures of the flowers and some show the foliage.   Flowering time is given and pruning group in most cases.  


It looks like honeysuckle to me too. Clematis Armandii has longer leaves.

Gardening Grandma

Hi Elizabeth. You need to leave this alone except for feeding until it has flowered and you have had the chance to identify it. Then come back on the forum with a photo of the flowers. When you have identified it, you will know whether it flowers on this year's wood or last year's, which is key to knowing how and when to prune it. Hope you enjoy your year's gardening.


Look at the way the stems twine round themselves, and the shape of the buds, and the leaves. This is a honeysuckle.

As busy lizzie says C.armandii has larger leaves. Much larger leaves and a different overall look to it. Most of the other evergreen clematis have the ferny leaves mentioned by Rosa C.



Thank you so much everyone for your expert advice,will keep you posted on its progress. can,t wait for it to flower xx


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