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Sunflower Problems

I have grown sunflowers in cells in my greenhouse. Seed was from a healthy plant in my mums garden last year. The top leaves around the growing point are turning brown and then curling over. There are no signs of insect and I can't find a disease listed t

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Alina W

How big are they? Sunflowers grow so fast that they run out of food and water very quickly.

Rob Stevens

I'm having the same problem, but I thought it was because I'd overdone the plant food..?

Alina W

You shouldn't really be feeding seedlings for the first few weeks - potting them on into fresh compost as they outgrow their pots should give them enough food.

Rob Stevens

Yeah Lesson learned on that one...


I may have left them too long in the cells but the weather has been apalling in this area for weeks. The plants are about 8 inches tall and are in cells about 3 inches deep. If its a water/feed problem will they grow out of it ?

I'd pot them on- hopefully they'll pick up.

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