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Lyn Plant-Wells

I have 3 containers of Geraniums (Pelargoniums) from last year (and the year before!) which have survived the Winter.

They look a bit rough but still have some flowers on two of them. The leaves in one pot is riddled with holes from caterpillars. The plants flowered well last Summer - having survived from the year before. What is the best way of reviving them and also killing the pests without damaging the plants?  Should I cut them back?

I also have some Fuschias in a similar condition (two are in my raised bed and two in pots - no caterpillars on these. I think some are hardy - the ones in pots aren't.)

Thanks for any suggestions.


I'd take some cuttings from the pelargoniums and start afresh. This is a good time to do that as they should grow away quite readily. I'd remove any caterpillars from the plants so that they can't just move to another plant and eat that.

Don't have much experience of Fuchsias as they're not something I like - sorry!


I grow lots of fuchsias and have cut my outside ones down today to about 4 inches from ground.

The indoor ones should have started shooting, I take them out of the pots, knock off the old soil and check for vine weevil, then repot in new compost and cut back to about 2 inches from soil, they will shoot out and make a nice thick bushy plant.



When they have grown 3 sets of leaves, pick out the middle of each shoot, then repeat when those shoots have grown 3 sets of leaves. Only pot them on when they have filled the pots, they like to be quite tight and never use black pots as fuchsias like cool roots and black pots get hot.


Give them a feed of tomorite or similar to promote more flower growth.

Take cuttings of pelargoniums now from healthy parts of the plant.....using a high percentage of perlite.  Removing all leaves will emsure cuttimgs will be pest free.  Fuschias are just as easy.....I take them in autumn but also from new plants in spring and they soon make decent plants this year.

To revive old pelargoniums, after taking those cuttings, cut hard back and remove any blackened rotten stems to healthy tissue.  Water sparingly at first then feed when growth commences.  I think a general insecticspray contact spray on plant, compost amd pot after cutting back will help eradicate pests

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