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I have grown some sweet peas in a container, they were sown in autumn last year and they are good strong plants but they are only flowering at the top. How do I get them to flower further down?


You dont, they flower at the top as in most flowers.

Anyone know whether you can eat sweetpea leaves?  I've mixed my peas and sweetpeas - seemed a good idea at the time.....!

Alina W

I wouldn't - the seeds are definitely toxic, although not badly so unless eaten in quantity. It's not worth the risk.

Thanks, I suspected as much



Jean Genie

Mine were sown in the spring and are in a container They are growing strong but not one single flower yet Do spring ones take longer to flower ? Still waiting ! On the plus side I've got 5 flowers on my morning glory ! Yipeeee !

Alina W

Yes, they do. I only have buds on mine as yet, although the grim weather has played its part, too.

Jean Genie

Righty ho I shall wait and see Find it strange the morning glory flowering though considering the battering of weather they have had.


There is another excellent thread on sweet peas lurking around these parts somewhere.

I was delighted to see my first sweet pea (spring sown) flowers today.

Jean Genie

I've read that somewhere as well- was hoping for advice on pinching out which I did early on just hope I didn't do it too late and thats why I've got no flowers yet. I have faith in Alina though - she knows her stuff!

Just made up with my m gs.


I've got the first flower bud threatening to open on my spring sown sweet peas. The forecast is great for tomorrow so maybe...just maybe I might just get my first flower 

Spring sown sweet peas will flower later than autumn grown.  I generally sow in late September/October and these plants usually flower in May (I am in South East).  This year I will be pleased to see any sweet pea flowers, all mine are spring sown this year, ran out of mojo last year!


I'm South east too and I had my first sweet pea flowers on 26th May from winter sowings. I've never grown them before but I probably will every year from now on. It's so lovely to have them in the house.

This is the first time I have tried sweet peas and have the trailing variety (from plug plants) in a large basket.  I have lots of strong, bushy foliage but not a single flower. Any suggestions anyone as to what I have done (or not done)


Good afternoon, I am a new member. The first post I see is my passion. I have been growing sweet peas for 35 years. I nearly didn't do them this year as last year was a disaster but I decided to do container pots. I have never had so many flowers, almost six full bowls to date. They are hungrier in pots and I give a liquid feed once a week and nip off most of the tendrils. So glad I didn't give up, and yes the bottom of the plants don't look great. I cover them with moss. It is still the best scent ever!
Thank you Victoria I am really looking forward to being part of this!