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derrick hammer

why are the leaves on my sweetpeas turning yellow and starting to curl up they are watered everyday and have not had much sunshine


Could I suggest you repost your question here- David has started a sweet pea thread and it would be nice to have all the questions and answers in one place to help other posters?

sweet pea queries


Exactly what I was going to say I reckon David k knows everything you need to know about sweet peas

David K

Erm...I take your point folks, but let's be mindful that this poster has only made 3 posts so far and is probably still finding his way around.

Derrick - I think your sweet peas have been over-watered, this leads to root rot and subsequently yellowing of the leaves. It should be borne in mind that sweet peas (and other plants for that matter) just don't need everyday watering on the dull days we've had this year.

There is one other thing it may be and that is magnesium deficiency, although I think this is less likely.


Told you he was your man nothing he doesnt know about sweetpeas.


David K
weejenny wrote (see)

Told you he was your man nothing he doesnt know about sweetpeas.


My sweatpeas have not fllowered yet!  The leaves at the bottom are patchy and yellowy-brown plus some of them are a bit holey!  Maybe I've overwatered them?  Our soil is clay so it holds the moisture so maybe I didn't need to water them as often as I did.  Will they still flower do you think?

Will yellowed sweetpeas recover from overwatering? !

Thank you
star gaze lily

Mine don't look too good at all and have hardly grown.


Rachel - it does depend on how wet and soggy they got, but this warm dry weather should help.  

Lily, how long have they been planted out?  If I remember correctly it wasn't too long ago?  They're probably getting their root system developed - mine have been out a while and are just starting to really grow now. 

star gaze lily


Hi Dove, not exactly sure....meant to note plant out date in my little book, but didn't ?...but 3/4wks They are no taller then when i planted.

Thank you Dovefromabove !!    I am new to this gardening malarchy and on sandy soil, I was told it would get dry very quickly but in this case clearly not !! 

I have my fingers crossed for the poor things ! 

Good luck with yours Star gaze lily ! 

I have just over 300 sweet pea plants started at ditterent times, this year they have taken quite a time to get established, but now they are away. The first sowing at Christmas are now two feet tall and showing their first flower buds, the second and third sowing are fast catching up, the second sowing are on heavy clay ground, the third sowing are on my allotment which is very stony, the first sowing were potted up into large 2'-0" pots 6 plants to a pot, i always try for some early flowers, my wife does the tying up and removing all the tendrils almost on a daily basis, this produces better flowers.


Hi all,

Sorry if I'm repeating anything (first time poster) but it's been advised that sweet peas dont need to be watered every day - but how often should they be watered?  At the moment, we are experiencing pretty warm days (averaging 22-24 degrees this past week)...  How often should I water in these types of temperatures?

Thanks so much,




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