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Advice please we have a community garden which has been invaded by sycamore shoots what can we do to remove them and is there anything at all we can do to minimise future invasions ?

Dig them out-but do it now when they are small-a spray would kill them but would take a while to work

You can do nothing-it is nature at work-just have to be vigilant


I have sycamores at bottom of my garden.....seedlings are a pain but easy to control with the normal weeding process.
But, they are a windbreak and look quite nice....I guess!

Seeds from our two beautiful big ash trees blow and take root everywhere, but I just hoe them out - I'd rather have the trees and have to cope with the seedlings than not have the trees - our fingers are crossed that they don't succumb to the plague, but we're in a hotspot right here 


We have a well beloved red sycamore and indeed it seeds everywhere.  Pull out seedlings from flower beds, mow them down on grass - try to keep on top of them beause if they make it t a second or third year the roots are very hard to dig out.  If yours are not new seedlings, then I am afraid it is down to hard work and ersistence.  They will seed every year, but if caught around now are easy enough to control. 

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