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I have had to cut back a shrub in my mum's garden as her house is being sold and photographer needs a better view of the house for photos.  It flowers beautifully  - pink in summer but I don't know what it is...  I have taken some of the cuttings to my own garden to try and propagate them but not sure how to go about this. Can I put photos on to see if anyone can identify the plant?

I've had another look and I think it's a Kolkwitzia (probably) Amabilis which has all the characteristics of the shrub in mum's  garden. I'll go back and take photos tomorrow if that would help.

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 Picture of unknown shrub...


If it is kolkwitzia amabilis, semi- ripe cuttings - which will not be available for a few months yet. I assume you have just taken the cuttings, so I suspect they are softwood. These will require special care - mist etc.. Wait until early July to take cuttings, remove the soft tips and cover teh cuttings with a freezer bag or something similar. 

Alternatively, have a look at the base and see if you can see any suckers. This is a good time to lift one, with roots and soil, pot up and keep in a sheltered spot. 

Ok Many thanks I'll check for suckers and see if I can find any.  Do I need to keep the softwood cuttings I've taken in my greenhouse?


It can't do any harm to keep them and see what happens. I remember once propagating vitis coignettii from hardwood cuttings and reading a week later that they did not strike from hardwood cuttings. I nearly chucked them out, but 2 out of 10 were successful, and I only wanted two! 

Worth a try anyway, thanks.

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