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can anyone tell me why my parlour palm leaves keep going brown at the tips ?


Is it on a windowsill?-it may have a too dry atmosphere.

No its on the floor in the conservatory. I did wonder if it is too dry as quite near to it is a convector heater. What can I do ?

Alina W

You really need to move it away from the heater.

If you can't, you can try sitting it, in its base, on a large tray of damp pebbles.

Sounds like a plan as I cant really put it any where else. Would water spraying it help, also how often should it be watered?



These are quite often kept in office as a trouble free plant-I have one I can see from here at home in a shady corner-does not require much attention-when the leaves droop water-then wait till they droop again.

The damp pebble thing is a good idea

Thank you for your help. Will let you know how I get on. While im on here. Do you know how to attach trellis to concrete posts. This is our neighbours fence so dont want to drill into it ?


Ideally a batten screwed to the post and the trellis attached to that-ask the neighbour if they would mind drilling -it wont do any damage,

or attaching the batten with "no more nails" type adhesive- but buy the best

or failing that you could tie it in some way but it needs to be quite secure.

Plants on a trellis can be quite heavy-bear that in mind

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