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Would photinia thrive in a shady area?  A gap of about 6ft at the side of the house needs to be filled with something interesting.  Suggestions please.

Fatsia japonica. I have one in a big pot under a huge conifer and it does GREAT. Like similar conditions as ivy. Very much a shady woodland guy, but looks tropical  think glossy evergreen castor-oil plant. That's be my choice.


Yes, I agree with auntie betty.  Fatsia japonica loves the shade and has lovely large leaves. 

Fatsia not a tall shrub though. 

Rosie, how shady is it?  if you get a few hours of good light every day it would be ok 

Lavender Lady

mahonia likes a shady spot and in the winter you get the lovely yellow flowers and scent.  Can get tall, mine is about 5ft.


Thank you for your ideas.  Fatsia and mahonia sound right, although I had in mind a kind of high hedge.  Sunshine reaches the area early morning and late afternoon, with a high fence and oak tree providing the shade.   Fast growing would be nice!

My fatsia is 8ft tall and that's in a pot! Golden bamboo (phyllostachys aureum)? I suspect red robin wouldn't be very red in that much shade - in which case u may as well use laurel! Aucuba (spotted laurel) might be nice...

Facing facts I guess that the forsythia, which was there and suddenly died, can't be replaced with something as cheerful in Spring.  I must say that both mahonia and japonica do grow to good heights and could be the answer.  

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