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05/01/2013 at 11:10
Hi all I have an amaryllis and some hyacinths that te in the middle of full bloom right now. I really want to keep them and try get them to flower again next year. Reading up in the amaryllis I see I need to cut back the flower once ids done and leave the plant to grow for a few months to die back naturally. Can I re pot it as I have it in a nice indoor ceramic pot. Was thinking of just putting it in a standard flower pot and leaving it outdoors to die back naturally. Is this ok? I do t want to leave it indoors for months without the flower but don't want to leave it outside photosynthesising if this will effect it flowering again next year. Also can I / do I do the same for my huacinths? Many thanks!!
05/01/2013 at 11:25

Forget about getting hyacinths to bloom again indoors-just plant them in the garden when they have finished flowering-it will take them a couple of years to build up again

As regards the Amaryllis-not a great expert -but do not put it outside yet- someone will tell you what to do to get it to flower again-it is all about feeding and watering.

05/01/2013 at 11:45

I like the hyacinths more after a year or two in the garden. Less of a heavy look to the blooms but still the lovely scent.

05/01/2013 at 11:50

Definitely don't put the amaryllis outside yet - frost will kill it. You can put it in a standard large pot, them keep it on a windowsill until last frost has passed. Feed and water regularly, and continue to do so when you put it outside in a sunny spot. Come October, cut off any leaves, allow the compost to dry out and put it in a cool place (under 12C) for about 12 weeks - do not let it get frosted. Then refresh the soil, bring into the warm and start watering again.

05/01/2013 at 12:54
Great! Thanks for he help! I'm putting up a small polythene greenhouse this year so it should be ideal for keeping it in outside!
05/01/2013 at 13:01
Thanks also for the hyacinth advice! Straight out to the garden with them so once they have done flowering!! May clump then together somewhere!
05/01/2013 at 13:54

They'll look best in a clump. I'd have them out of the pot and spread them a bit, they're always well squashed and rather shallow in pots when you buy them

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