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Hi all I have an amaryllis and some hyacinths that te in the middle of full bloom right now. I really want to keep them and try get them to flower again next year. Reading up in the amaryllis I see I need to cut back the flower once ids done and leave the plant to grow for a few months to die back naturally. Can I re pot it as I have it in a nice indoor ceramic pot. Was thinking of just putting it in a standard flower pot and leaving it outdoors to die back naturally. Is this ok? I do t want to leave it indoors for months without the flower but don't want to leave it outside photosynthesising if this will effect it flowering again next year. Also can I / do I do the same for my huacinths? Many thanks!!

Forget about getting hyacinths to bloom again indoors-just plant them in the garden when they have finished flowering-it will take them a couple of years to build up again

As regards the Amaryllis-not a great expert -but do not put it outside yet- someone will tell you what to do to get it to flower again-it is all about feeding and watering.


I like the hyacinths more after a year or two in the garden. Less of a heavy look to the blooms but still the lovely scent.

Alina W

Definitely don't put the amaryllis outside yet - frost will kill it. You can put it in a standard large pot, them keep it on a windowsill until last frost has passed. Feed and water regularly, and continue to do so when you put it outside in a sunny spot. Come October, cut off any leaves, allow the compost to dry out and put it in a cool place (under 12C) for about 12 weeks - do not let it get frosted. Then refresh the soil, bring into the warm and start watering again.

Great! Thanks for he help! I'm putting up a small polythene greenhouse this year so it should be ideal for keeping it in outside!


Thanks also for the hyacinth advice! Straight out to the garden with them so once they have done flowering!! May clump then together somewhere!

They'll look best in a clump. I'd have them out of the pot and spread them a bit, they're always well squashed and rather shallow in pots when you buy them

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