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Jean Genie

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my gardening cyber-friends

Not only for all the help and advice I've received for gardening but it turns out we have pc genius's on here as well.

Had a lot of problems with my laptop recentley and could not get a wireless connection and some of you have managed to fix it for me.

Nothing to do with gardening, I know but it shows how caring and supportive these lovely people are on this site.

Special thanks to Becks, Nola, Geoff and Gary and anyone else who' s helped me.

I am up and running.

Miss Becks

You are very welcome lovely. xxx


Jean-but what was the answer-is it a case of "oops I got that wrong?"

Jean Genie

It was what Becks and Nola said - the icon for wireless connection had been turned off. Probally me.

OH is that impressed with the technical support he is thinking of joining the forum.  He had to put the key back in and Hey Presto - here I am .



Wonderful:  indeed there are some very nice and friendly people here - lets all have a good gardening year - after all, this year will be perfect will it not? The as yet untouched year always is .............

Glad it all got sorted Jean!
Jean Genie

Yes , me too ! Thanks everyone

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