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I am a lazy gardener with a bad back, for some reason, this year, the flower beds are full of dandelions, I can' t weed them out  very well, so I hit on the idea of using a Dyson battery vacuum cleaner with the nozzle removed to vacuum off all the seeds, it works a treat, so at least there will not be the spread of seeds this time.


Perhaps Mr Dyson can invent a vacuum cleaner to suck out  all the weeds too. 


Fabulous idea Paul  Could do with a borrow of your dyson 

When is the best time to cut back a camellia bush?



Pam, i would start a new topic re your camelia because this one is headed Dandelions and some people may not bother to look.

Thanks Lyn my first time!


They say necessity is the mother of invention!

flowering rose

dig out root of dandylion  and any flower heads pick before seeding and if your clever you could make dandylion wine.


Shame you only get 6mins continuous power from a D handheld, I'd need 2 hrs

It takes approx 2 seconds to de-seed a dandelion, thats 180 dandelions on one charge.


Hmm, I don't have too much trouble with dandelions but what easy peasy method do you suggest for cleavers, celandines, ivy, bindweed, couch grass etc.....all of which are within very easy reach of my border from next door's neglected acreage.  I do have various defensive strategies but none of them could be described as good for a bad back

A can of petrol ?  (only joking)

I have got arthritis in my neck and spine and do most of my gardening kneeling on a camping mat. They cost less than a fiver in Argos.

The only problem is standing up when I have finished !!!



Pauline, I have similar issues. I'm seriously considering a hip flask to help "lubricate" the joints before I try to get back up

Sounds like a good idea.   

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