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How can you secure patio pots to concrete to prevent them from being stolen

According to Bob Flowerdew, 'A simple security device is to drill an extra hole in the base of the pot and fit this with a bolt and large washers to a chain, fitted in turn to another bolt set in concrete under the pot. For very valuable plants, you can fix plastic covered steel cable within the roots when they are repotted'

The plastic cable is fitted to the chain as well.

Doesn't sound that simple to me, and I'm sorry as it sounds like you are having problems with theft.

I take it there's not an option to make your patio more secure?

Intruder alert lights.  A video camera to catch them at it.  Secure the access to your patio with locked gates.   Attach them to the ground as in the post above.


Tricky, if you can make them heavy enough then it might help. keeping them well watered should help with that. You could chain them up but somehow that seems worse.

I guess you could bolt a pot to the concrete fasten it down and then fill it. A masonary bit might be able to drill the pot or shatter it ...

I think the best thing is cheap pots and cheap plants at least then the loss is minimal.  Locating hanging baskets out of arms reach may help too. Unfortunately theres no cure for idiots. 

Maybe have fewer but larger pots which will be heavier and less attractive to steal.i have some of my fairy ornaments in our front garden containers and I always wire them to something e.g the base of the standard fuchsia. I have a basket tree with 4 baskets so I wire them to the frame of the tree.
Pam LL x


Hi Pat what about a garage approach light, BandQ about ??12 anyone approaches the area you have set it to and the whole place lights up , usually used for garage driveways easy and cheap
Good luck Alan

On a similar thread, someone, can't remember who, suggested supergluing drawing pins to the bottom of the pots.  Downside is you need to remember that too!

We don't tend to have a problem with theft, as we have an elderly GSD/Collie cross, who sounds as though he wants to eat you from the other side of the door.  Trouble is, our normal postie made the mistake of giving him a fuss, now the dog thinks the postman is delivering his fuss, the fact that he has a parcel for me is immaterial.  Downside is dog will leave deposits on your lawn and can be expensive to look after


Access to the back garden is through the house or garage so the back garden is OK. I have a very large pot in the front garden....OH has concreted this into position



I had a window-box stolen from my front garden a couple of years ago and the thief clearly tried to take one of my smaller pots as well but gave up and only moved it a foot or so as it was far heavier than it looked - I had half-filled it with bricks before planting it up in the hope of this acting as a deterrent.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough depth to do the same with the window-box.  I've been reluctant to put window-boxes out since but took a chance last year and was OK and have just re-planted for this year.  I am now just keeping my fingers crossed.  One other thing: previously the front was just concrete and it was quick and easy to walk from the gate, grab the box and exit.  Since then I have had concrete removed and have planted it all up; consequently it would be less easy to access them and I'm hoping this may help.


Isn't it sad that we have this problem? At my last house the previous owners had a huge glazed terracotta pot with a spirea in it which was at the end of the patio. When we moved in we had a laugh as they'd obviously tried to move it and given up as it was abandoned about 10' from where it had been! We got the (rather dead!) spirea out and even then it took both of us to move it and I used it for various different plants throughout the year. Thieves would've had to be pretty determined to nick it!

It is most frustrating - I had a planter stolen early this morning.  After having some baskets "adopted" by a passing felon, I put out small terracotta pots, which were also removed, so I opted for bigger and heavier containers in the form of used wine crates.  Problem solved I thought, but evidently not!!

Thank you Mummy Muddy Paws for the suggestion about the drawing pins - I'll definitely be giving that idea a try.


Hi Agrippina- don't think there's any easy answer. If you can go to the length of a security camera it avoids the need for chains etc. and is less obtrusive. If you have one large statement pot you can always concrete it down and then use other pots to put inside it - easier if you want to change what's in it too. Sadly there are people out there who have no morals or conscience. It's not even about the cost of replacing items - most gardeners want their garden to look nice and often have plants or containers that have sentimental value.


It's very sad, but common these days. I was given three York stone troughs and had them along the drive.They were heavy empty and made heavier with bricks and compost. They disappeared over night and were on sale at a car boot sale nearby the next day plants and all!! Alerting the police (with photos and all) was no help. I could not even buy them back as they were overpriced.The thieves obiously knew what price they were empty, never mind filled! My drive is potless ever since.

Caught someone once stealing a plant growing in my wall.  Well-to-do sort of guy...he clearly wasn't short of money.  His wife had the car running and he jumped in but I caught up with them.  Sheepish, apologetic and offered to,pay for it. It was a red mesembryanthemum and most of the roots were left behind.  I said, yes he can pay for it.."£20 please"   

Dont grow tempting stuff in that wall now 

If we can catch these guys it's very satisfying. 

Feel sorry for those of ??ou who have been victims of theft.  



Firebricks - those used inside electric central heating heaters are very heavy for their size and you will not be pinching a pot with 2 of those in it. Widely available

Also remove any care/description labels from the plant. Apparently a plant is most likely to be stolen if you keep the label on it.


Highland Jeannie

We are a bit exposed to the back & there is no lighting. Hopefully the area is ok but I do worry a bit, so we got one of those movement sensor lights with camera.  After a couple of months I looked at the sd card - didn't realise how much I moved around!  We had to adjust the angle as it wasn't covering enough of the area across the back of the house. 

Oh dear! Now it was at the correct angle every time the wind blew the light came on, - for several seconds & shining beautifully into our neighbours' house.  

We turned it off! 

Of course in their advertising picture the house has nothing around it to move in the breeze.

We once had  a pot containing a buddleia in our front garden. Of course, they put their roots down for miles and they had gone right through the hole in the bottom and into the earth.

One bloke thought he'd pop it on the back of his flatbed lorry and drive off. His face as he tried to lift it, found it impossibly heavy, couldn't understand why, tried again and failed, looked up and saw me laughing at him was a picture.

I think a catapult to hand is a good idea    For a bit of fun, why ot set up some tempting situations and practise your catapulting skills

Highland Jeannie

I like that one Verd, what about practicing your darts......??

Try superglue under the rim of the pot, laced with broken glass. Most casual thieves wont use gloves and the blood they spill and leave behind, is evidence, which if they are caught, will prove their guilt. One draw back though, you could be sued by the thief! Otherwise the steel cable method is probably best.