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Im  very allergic to wasps/hornets and have to carry on me,  2 epipens and medication.Last year some "miner Bees"(Ithink) started digging and laying eggs at the edge of my plot. In the winter I dug up the soil and had a  bonfire. In May I saw quite a few hovering around the other end of my plot, I put some disinfectant down and they dissappeared.  In September however, a blanket of bees surrounded my whole plot and have been burrowing and laying eggs ever since. My plot is not dry, they are laying in compacted and newly dug soil between fruit canes, corn on cob, sprouts, in fact everywhere. The whole plot is unworkable, They are still there today.  There are no other sites affected, I dont use anything on my plot, no manure, extra compost etc.The council allotment manager is thinking of digging the whole plot 1 foot deep then laying plastic sheeting on top. But will they be back, will I be able to use the plot next year. He On a less serious note, I used to be an Avon rep and although skin so soft cream works well on your skin, Id prefer to coat myself in smelly insect repellant in all exposed places, just in case.


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