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My privet hedges (adjoining next door's garden) are pretty sad looking for the bottom 24".The rest looks healthy & green.

How can I rejuvenate the lower levels, please?

I have already pulled out a lot of old dead wood & clip them regularly in season.

New plants ? ................ Fertilise the roots?



A good cut back, feed and water. They're very good at coming back from nothing. Don't let the top get wider than the bottom. 

Thanks. I do trim the top narrower but can't really cut them down as they are the barrier (?) between 2 semi detached houses.

Manure pellets or Growmore or leafmould around the roots ?


one of the first 2 and some of the third would do nicely with plenty of water. That is the trouble with hedges isn't it. We know they'd sometimes benefit from a severe cut back but it leaves you so exposed.

Indeed ......... & at my age the less exposed the better !

I will give it all a try tomorrow.

I reckon I should probably fork some holes around the the roots too. 

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