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I've a smalll problem with greenfly on seedlings in the GH, nothing mega just a few insects, which have been sprayed with a watered down garlic mix and olive oil but just when they appear to have gone they reappear on other plants.

I've also noticed white bits on plants, it's not whitefly because they don't move when the plant is touched, could they be greenfly eggs, if not what are they.      

Alina W

If they look like tiny bits of thread they're probably thrips, another sap-sucker. treat as aphids.


I think the white bits you are finding are the skins shed by the aphids as they grow

Pam x


I've wondered for years what those white things were......thanks Pam 


The garlic mix seems to have got rid of the greenfly and there are less white bits this evening. I've been checking the plants daily and looked on the internet to see what thrips are, haven't seen anything which looks like them in the GH yet so hopefully this isn't the problem.

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