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Lavender Lady

I have noticed for a few weeks now I have tiny white insects in the greenhouse.  They are on the plants and on the soil around the base of the plants.  They are now on soil around my tomato plants.  Any ideas what is causing this and what can I do to get rid of them. 

Pottie Pam

French marigolds planted in the greenhouse worked for me Lavender Lady. I think to be effective they have to be planted in the soil that the plants are growing in.

Orchid Lady

You could also put some Marigolds in the GH, that's what I've done so far and (touch wood) I haven't had any.  White fly don't like the smell of marigolds so stay away, I'm not sure they will get rid of the current ones though.

Orchid Lady

Thanks David, I did wonder why  I don't like that smell and not overly keen on Marigolds but am growing them as a companion plant for my tomatoes 



If you want to try a spray most greenfly sprays will also sort out the white fly.


If I don't put marigolds in GH I cut some curry plant and stand it inside, aphids don't seem to like the smell of that. I also have sticky yellow traps so I can see what might have sneaked in.

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