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A guy from the Hosta society passed on a good tip to ward off the slugs and snails from your hostas -hair. 

Hair has barbs on the strands and the slugs do not like to cross it.

I keep trimming a quarter inch off my fringe and sprinkling it around the plants, and if you know a hairdresser- even better.  So far so good, and it is hardly noticeable.  Remember to ensure it is quater inch to increase the shaprness of the hair!


Regards Liz



Thanks Liz!  I'm going to the hairdressers next week, I'll take a paper bag and bring home my trimmings! Luckily my hairdresser is training as a horticulturalist so hopefully she won't find it too weird  

Great tip Liz,will have a word with mine.

After 72 years and 43 years in Medical practice I do not have much hair left! Will have to continue with slug pellets.


Would be interested in seeing if hair works. I put my Hosts in galvinised-zinc troughs and that works a treat as well. I would liek to put them in the ground and naturalise them but the slugs are too ferocious round these parts.

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