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Just a quick question - we laid some new turf to replace an ugly patio in the middle of the lawn about 3 weeks ago.  Has greened up nicely and looks good - I still have it roped off to prevent dog/kids treading on it.  How long should I protect it for, and when will it be 'safe' to mow?  Thanks xx

Yes ..with blades set high.  Actually better to,mow than not .

I leave new laid turf for at least a month before cutting. I find leaving it for a while gives it a chance to settle and put down some extra roots before cutting and then a cut on the highest setting you have on your mower. Grass right now isn't growing as quickly so I'd give it a trim in about a week and then wait another month as growth will soon start to diminish significantly unless we get an Indian summer.

Hey.  Dave, we WILL get an indian summer.. ,this summer won't go away in a hurry 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Cutting grass encourages it to "tiller" i.e. send out new shoots sideways, rather than just upwards, thus thickening up your sward. Long grass is generally not a good thing for a lawn.


Great - thanks for the advice!  Summer has been so fab, I'm definitely up for an Indian one!!

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