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Hi folks

ive got a couple of 6 x 3 foot raised beds that have gone abit mossy. I know they need a good turn over etc, but is it a good idea to start from scratch with some fresh top soil?

and if so has anyone got any good supplier that they no of?


No need to start again, just stir them up and add a layer of good home made compost or well rotted farmyard manure. 

Is it best to leave the big cloches off now to let Mother Nature do her thing

David Matthews2

I've just 'woken' one of my raised beds from its winter slumbers - it had a (very) temporary cover of bubble wrap, held in place by old sash weights. I found the soil to be largely quite friable, needing only a light 'tiffling' with a border fork and hand picking of the odd half dozen weed seedlings harboured therein!

*I had planted it late last Autumn with 24 shallot sets: these had made about 6-8" of healthy green growth, somewhat 'rumpled' by growing under the plastic, but I'm sure that it will straighten out now that it's open to the elements once more.

Even if we've had quite a few slugs last year 

just fine to turn over and add manure?



Unfortunatelyh, good soil doesn't happen overnight,it needs patience. Sorry, but keep up the good work and you'll be amazed just how quickly it happens.


Have a go Nick wrote (see)

Even if we've had quite a few slugs last year 

just fine to turn over and add manure?

Absolutely fine - it'll be great 


we found raised beds the best way,as we had to use new soil but gave it a good manuring over winter the worms did all the work and we ended up with a no dig allotment ,but you do have to watch the moisture as they can dry a little quicker in summer.


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