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Hello all I'm having a problem with yellow spots on my tomato plant leaves. The plants are still growing and producing fruit. Any thoughts on what this could be and how to get rid of it?



HI Mike,

Can't see the pic unfortunately.


Yes, try again, Mike. If the spots have a "bullseye" centre to them, it's likely to be a fungal problem. But we'll have to wait to see the photo.

 Hopefully it comes through this time!

Here's a second pic, just for more evidence




Mine get a bit of that on lower leaves - I put it down to old age (the leaves, not mine) and I don't worry about it - it usually occurs about the time the first truss have set and I give the plants some feed and the lower leaves get removed anyway.  


Almost 100% of the leaves have it.  I'm hoping its just something minor.  Only about 6 weeks left of growing season to make it through!


It doesn't look fungal, Mike. Even if it were, with only 6 weeks left, it's not worth worrying about. With 6 weeks left, any toms that are going to ripen for you will be far enough advanced not to be compromised.

Thanks italophile.  Both my cherry tomatoes and my scarlet reds have the marks.  Cannot figure out why.  Glad to know it doesn't look fungal.  The yellow spots are even on new leaves as they grow.  Very weird, but as long as they keep growing and producing fruit, I can't complain too much!

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