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Marco de Jong

One of my old-fashioned gardening books says you could use an extract of tomato roots as an organic weedkiller. Has anyone ever tried it? And how do I make an extract of tomato roots???


I am fairly certain that this is not true, seeing as at the end of the season, most of us compost our tomato plants, with no adverse effects.

Marco de Jong

The book says that, to surpress weeds, mainlty couch grass, you could better plant tomatoes or spray with an extract of their roots then use a chemical weedkiller. It would be a pity if it didn't work, because it would be very cheap 


I could see it as an insecticide, but not a herbicide? 

I can confirm that the extract of the leaves works pretty well as a pesticide... but as a herbicide seems very doubtful.

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