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There wouldn't be any security problem, Janie, nothing is stored, it would be deleted as soon as I read it. But anyway, no problems. For true flavour you're going to have to go with heirlooms and you'll probably only find them with online seed suppliers. Here are a couple of recommendations for you to look for:

Marianna's Peace - as I said, a tomato great. Large dark pink beefsteak on a potato leaf plant. Like a glass of fine red wine.

Cherokee Purple - it's mentioned on the blog. Its sister, Cherokee Chocolate, also on the blog, isn't far behind. Doesn't have quite the same intensity of flavour.

Brandywine OTV - another dark pink befsteak on a potato leaf plant. The result of an accidental cross between a Brandywine and an unknown yellow tom, grown out and stabilised by a couple of American growers. More productive and less temperamental than Brandywine and a delicious tom.

Soldacki - a Polish variety, yet another dark pink beefsteak on a PL plant. Beautiful tom.

Best of luck!


Your interest and generous communication is a delight.  I am going to try your suggestions and have a go when I have read up on growing tomatoes.  I'll let you know if I have managed to locate any of those suggested.  Hope you weather is better than here at the moment. Happy growing. Janie

Have been following this thread with great interest, and would just point out that you could send Italophile a private message through this board, not using google at all. If you click on a poster's icon, you will see 2 options - message and Ignore. If you click ignore you will block all of that poster's messages on the board, so not recommended, but can see it could be useful if there was a troll about. If you select message, then you can send a private message which only that member can pick up.

Dear Figrat - your contribution is most welcome and helpful especially as Italophile is trying to be so helpful.  I will try your suggestion tomorrow when I am a bit more lively.  Many thanks indeed.  Janie


Well done, figrat. I'd forgotten about the PM system here. I'm still living in the days of the old BBC board, prehistoric and useless as it was.


Dear figrat - can you assist me?  I have right clicked on the word Italophile and on the icon beside Italophile but the only thing that comes up is a short synopsis about Italophile not 2 options - message and ignore.  What am i doing wrong or is my computer security too strong?


Janie G-

figrat has cleared off to the London-just hover the mouse over italophile's avatar a black box will appear with the two options

If that doesn't work you can send a message by clicking on your own profile at the top right of this page

Thanks sotongeoff.  I now have a black box with two blue option choices at the bottom.  However, when I move the mouse arrow down to the message option, as soon as it leaves the black part the whole thing disappears before I can click on the option - message.  !!!!!   I'll keep trying.  Thanks again.


Janie, I just sent you a private message.


By the by, I was looking for a pic of one of my Marianna's Peace toms but couldn't find one. Odd, because I'm forever taking pics of my toms. In its place, this season's MP plant taken about a month ago, roughly a week after planting out. It's now three times the size. Note the lovely potato leaves:

The plant in front of it, with a couple of leaves just visible, is another potato leaf variety, Brandywine OTV.

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