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This is my third growing tomatoes and the third year i have had hard skins,last two years i have had Vandos,this year i have had Moneymaker & Gardeners Delight but all have had hard tough skins especially the Vandos,anyone have any idea what the problem is ???


Are you letting them ripen well on the plant.

Never come across this problem.............a tough skin when you assume they are ripe to pick seems like the fruit hasn't developed properly ?

I don't fuss over my toms I admit but ate my first outdoor one today......just as delicious as I expected

Perhaps Italophile will have an explanation ?


Thanks all for their inputs.



Anyone recommend a variety that does not seem to have this problem,with not having a lot experience growing Toms,as far as watering goes I seem over water rather than under water



Stay away from the plum varieties - Roma, San Marzano, etc - to avoid thick skins. Unless you're intending to make sauce, in which case the thicker skins are an advantage.

Sounds from Buddyboy's experience that it's not variety-related. Never grown those varieties so I wouldn't know. In addition to his suggestions, overfertilising can also cause thicker skins.


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