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Does anyone know why the leaves on my tomato seedlings are curling up.  They get plenty of water. Am I giving them too much?

This is very helpful.  Thank you. 


It's was a pleasure, I joined last year and have learned a lot! Good luck with your toms.


Lizzie, how much water are they getting? Seedlings need minimal watering. Permanently wet roots do them no good at all. Curling is usually a sign of overwatering.



Sue-I just looked at that site quickly and it's brilliant- thanks!  I had a big conservatory at last house and got a great crop of toms  from 6 little plants from B&Q- they totally took over all the windowsills! I've grown some from seed this year but will probably get some plants too and I hope to get one of the little plastic gr'houses so that they can go outside. It's so satisfying eating them when you've grown and looked after them isn't it?

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