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Rose lady

Hi again.

I picked up some great bargains at our local garden centre last weekend. Some real treats including a variety of Anemones, Cosmos, Asters, Salvia-Mystic Spires. even hardy fushias, Japanese daisies, French Lavender, and lots of varieties of Dahlias.  Can I plant them into the ground now? we don't have a green house, so difficult to know where to keep them from being killed off by frost. we do have a south facing garden though. Please help!


Dahlias,Cosmos -definitely,definitely not-completely the wrong end of the gardening year

Hardy Fuchsias-no plant in Spring

French lavender-not completely hardy in UK

Asters-depending on what sort-but probably ok

Anenomes-probably ok-same for Salvia

Don't know about Japaneses daisies

Sorry- but without a greenhouse or somewhere to over-winter plants you may have a problem

You could try saving the Dahlia tubers for next year. I bought two a few weeks ago from the nearly dead section at a local GC and they are currently flowering for Britian, seems a shame to cut them down but it's unlikely they'll survive winter if left in pots.


Am guessing you mean Japanese Anemone, as they look like daisy. Thye are hardy.


I would definitely be saving the dahlia tubers for next year. What type of cosmos is it? The chocolate ones can be saved.

Last winter I bubble wrapped some of my pots that had some of the more dubious perennials and then placed them next to the house and they came through winter ok.

Can you take cutting of the hardy fuchsias, just pop them in a jar or water.



Would mulching help to keep them warm if Rose Lady plants them now?


No-it is too late to plant some things-hardy perennials yes-but not all these are hardy-and the fuschia needs to be in the ground starting in the Spring to survive the winter.

Rose lady

Thank you for all your helpful advice. Bubble wrap what a great idea!!! thanks Kate. Yes blairs they are Japanese Anemone, so pleased to hear they are hardy.

I think its becoming quite apparent that maybe its time to invest in a cold frame in the not so distant future. Christmas prezzie from my other half me thinks. Will definately dry off the Dahlias till spring.As far as the Cosmos is concerned it doesn't say on the pot, because I picked these plants from the nearly dead section at B&Q. However the flowers are a deep pink/purple. Still my climbing roses will be here soon, so plan on having lots of fun planting them in thank again

Great thing about forums is the anonymity.... don't mind looking like a muppet....but.... how come it's ok to plant bare rooted plants over winter but too cold for potted? Is it just the particular plants - they are hardier hence plantable hence tend to be sold bare rooted? - or is it something about being bare rooted that makes them survive?
Hiya Supernoodle. It makes no difference to their hardyness if they are potted plants or bare root plants. In the dormant season plants are often offered as bare rooted because they are cheaper to transport etc. If they are hardy, plants can be planted out regardless of their being potted or bare rooted. However, I usually pot up bare root plants simply because I can more easily keep a better eye on them. They tend to establish better in their pots too. When good growth is seen next spring I plant them out then.
Yeys! Verdun's back! Thanks for the info. I've ordered the 21 free perennials in last months magazine which are bare rooted. Sounds like I should consider potting them up, rather than planting out. I've a cold greenhouse I could store them in although it could do with being in a lighter spot (previous owners put it in a weird place).
Yep ...couldn't keep away. I think that's best procedure Supernoodle

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