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I was going to give my Sedums (autumn joy) a bit of a chop around Chelsea time this year, but they were still quite small at the end of May so laid off the secataurs. They are now at the point of where I need to give them a chop.  It's not too late is it?  Should I simply pinch out the top inch or so off growth or reduce them by half?


Not sure about sedums but I chelsea-chopped my alchemilla this weekend and I know they'll come back fine!  Why not chop half of them and see how they go?


I'm going to chelsea chop the meadow. Recent wind and rain has removed any possibility of those lovely dry end of summer grass and seedheads. As long as I leave a patch of yellow rattle to seed I think everything else will just come back

Might do some sedums and asters as well

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