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gardenning granny

Grape hyacinths always rise up to the surface.....I pop a layer of compost over them in the autumn....and do very well in my garden in France too (though I had to astop somebody picking them last year!)...they are almost a weed they multiply so quickly.

I tend to plant most bulbs in pots and then keep them in or behind the greenhouse until they come into flower.  At that point you can see where the gaps are in your garden and then just dig a hole and put the contyents of the pot straight in.  It's one of my few concessions to instant colour gardening.

I shall be up to the garden centres in the next few weeks to pick up their heavily discounted bulbs - did the most amazing planters last years when the GC priced all packs of bulbs at 99p, even when they had been £7.99.


You have given me the idea, i am going into town tomorrow and will look in garden centre for bargains. Parkers usually have some good bargains too, i just got packets of 20 daffs cheap and free tulips with the order, and 10% off for GW readers.

flowering rose

I am still planting bulbs even with all the rain.Although i will stop by next month.

how can I stop a Badger(s) digging up my garden.  They make a real mess.  Harry Boy.



 HarryBOY, They will be looking for worms.  If you feed them peanuts on a hard surface like a patio, they might be less inclined to dig up your lawn.


I have finished planting all the alliums now, just the tulips to go.

I'm still planting narcissi bulbs, although my sister in Cornwall mocks me! She is lucky enough that because of the mild weather where she is, she can pick daffodil flowers at Christmas.

gardenning granny

Finished planting - oh you lucky things!

I've got all the tulips in, and a long planter with city of harlem hyacinths and some miniature daffs, but I now have to sort out all last years pots (I left the bulbs in and fed them after flowering) - will probably tip them out and replant in new compost (jetfire daffs and some more hyacinths) - then picked up some blue alliums and thalia narcissus very cheaply so must think where to put them!  I really should restrain myself and not keep buying things just becausde they are such a good deal!

I know just how you feel, I swear every year I'll reduce the number of pots with bulbs in. So far Ive finished three times! . The last just yesterday. About a week ado I received an email from Crocus advising me of their bulb sale, couldnt resist a bargain, 5 packs of bulbs were ordered. I was impressed both by the quality of the bulbs and delivery by courier two days after ordering. Happy days


Thanks to everyone for the advice, especially about planting later flowering perenniels or wild flowers over the top. Enjoyed reading all the replies.

I've finished planting my bulbs a few times. Then last week bought 25 anemone bulbs for 50p and 25 Litris Spicata roots for 50p. They been revitalised in water and look ok only thing is I don't know which way is up, there don't appear to be any roots so they may be dead  was going to plant them regardless and hope for the best


I could never decide with de caen anemones which way was up, so I put them in on the side. The roots will go one way, and the shoots the other.

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