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I'm fairly new to gardening and follow seed packs exactly, but all the rain seems to have washed my parsnips and broccoli away. Is it too late to re sew?

No, particularly as we've got a late season this year - seeds sown late will/should catch up as soon as we get some decent growing weather.  Keep your green fingers crossed!


Parsnips can still be resown.

Broccoli, maybe !

Wonderful thanks both. (seed packet says April/May so thought it would be too late.)

Bear in mind parsnips are notoriously long to germinate and when you think nothing has happened, suddenly they are there.  They catch me out every year.  I've just done my third sowing of broccoli and it will be ready before the first frost with a bit of luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ay?



Monty was sowing beans on Friday's Gardeners World.  Since only one of the eight I sowed germinated, I might try sowing some more as well.


All I have to do is find a space for them!  Can French beans be grown in pots?


I've grown dwarf beans successfully in very large pots and other containers.  I've not tried climbing french beans in containers.

It's worth trying french beans in pots, so long as the pot is wide enough at the top to space them out and you keep the compost from drying out.

You can still sow broccoli, my plants are still fairly small, they've only been out a couple of weeks, I'm sure a sowing now would catch up.    

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