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I am after some advice please, I have renewed the drainage in my garden with a new soakaway. I have been advised to add some better topsoil throughout the back garden. It looks like i need approx 7 tonnes of soil. 

Where is best place to get a quality top-soil at a good price??

Any help would be appreciated.!!


A local landscaper is your best bet, one that supplies turf, chippings, bark etc.. We have a local one.  It is expensive to ship over long distances so find someone close who stocks it. There are regional suppliers - google 'topsoil'. 

Hi Goldies right we had 11 tons last year local is cheaper about ??24 a ton for ok stuff for gardening general,more expensive quality stuff is out there at a price

I have purchased top soil for husbands which is based in the north east.

The more you order the cheaper it is.

first ton was about £40.00 but I got ten ton for about £80.00.


Jewsons sell it in metre (?) cubed bags.

Dannyboy10 you are a glutton for punisment if you have husbands!  I find one is sometimes too many!


sorry I meant to say from husbands

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