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I have a Handel climbing rose which I want to train up a wooden pillar. It was planted last year 

Now how do I prune it to train it to wrap around the post.

Do I cut off all but, say a couple of the main stems so I have soft growth to encourage in to a framework. There are 5 at the moment.

Sorry site won't let me upload photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Matty

I think this video will give you what you need - the first bit gives you the principles of pruning a pillar rose then he goes on to show you how to wrap the canes around the pillar.

My only thought is  that Handel is one of the stiffer climbers, so don't let the stems get too mature before training them in.  It is a gorgeous rose - my besf friends had one on the front of their first little cottage when our children were small - happy memories


Thanks both will look and learn 

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