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Hi all, I'm all all new to this site so thought I'd join to hopefully get some good advise. Im at the stage of changing my complete back garden, it's about 100ft and full of grass and weeds, I'm having a digger come in to levelling the complete garden. My problem is do I kill all grass and weeds first then level or level then kill all growth then restart again, I was planning on seeding or turfing when complete, I'm really stuck on what to do so any advise would be a great help. Many thanks Andy 


I would level the ground then set about turning it over....weeding, removing stones etc.  now is a good time to start.

Aim to get seed sown in mid September.

So, digging, raking,,raking, raking.  Firming between  rakings by walking on your heels.  When you have a nice surface....tilth.......scatter some granular fertiliser and lightly rake it in.  A week or two later sow your grass seed

Alina W

You say a digger is coming in - whatever you do, don't let it take off the top 20cm of soil or so to get rid of weeds. If you do, you'll lose your topsoil and be left with only subsoil, where plants will struggle to grow.

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