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Hi everyone, I have a red Acer about 3.5-4 meters ( 12ft ) high and nearly as wide with a trunk of about 6" dia. Would there be any chance that it could be moved safely? At the moment it is in my front garden which will soon be cleared of trees and shrubs to make way for car parking. It seems a shame to just cut it down. It's now Oct. so at the best time to move trees. 

Hi, is it ok to move my acer from its pot ( been in there about 10 years!) to a spot in the garden. I have selected the spot which is quite sheltered by a wall - I have put some John Innes (3 I think) into soil. Is there anything else I should do? All advice welcome - thank you.  


Hi Helen, potted trees can be planted at any time of the year but now is a particularly good time.  Add some fish, blood and bone fertilizer to the planting hole and soil removed from that and mix it in a bit before planting the tree.  It might be worth sprinkling some mycorrhizal fungi (ie Rootgrow) onto the root-ball before planting it into the hole.

Just one thing though: Acers like neutral to acid soil, so if your soil is alkaline (eg if you live in a chalk or limestone area) I would recommend that you just transplant it into a larger pot instead of into the soil where it might suffer.

Hi, I am moving house at the end of July and I need to move 2 acres both about 10 feet tall; one red and one green. They will need to be moved to pots for transporting and then left in the pots until the new garden is landscaped, dug etc since it has been left for around 30 years! of course this could all take some time. what is the best way to do this given that this is a terrible time to move them? For example, how to dig them up, what to put in the pot, how big should the pot be, should the leaves be covered during transport to protect them?? Many thanks for any responses


Hi Sklig

Came looking for the same information, thanks to you for asking the question and to Geoff and Alina for their illuminating answers

Cheers to all


hi also my first time on here,  i have just moved my dads purple acer with berries on, the acer did not have a root ball at all, the soil all just fell away but it does have quite large roots.  The leaves have all drooped, been in two days now with the same soil it was originally in and i have been giving it bucket loads of water.  Any suggestions on how i can make sure this bush lives, its about 4ft tall and bushy.  No other option i am afraid as my dad died and we have to give up the house.


Graham, Acers naturally lose their leaves at this time of year.

There is no need to give it any special care at the moment, and you don't need to give it any more water.

Next spring give it a feed and all should be well.

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