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We have a small tree in our garden. When we moved in the house 2 years ago we had to remove extensive ivy growth from the tree. Since then the tree has managed but has always looked in "shock". I'm afraid I do not know what type of tree is is but I am very interested in doing the best for it. It is also sprouting a lot of shoots from around it's base. I feels like tree is redirecting it's energy to these shoots rather than the main tree. Latest is that it is dropping a huge number of leaves. Appreciate any advice/insight. Thank


Without knowing the type of tree it's difficult to say if it has been grafted onto something else and it's the "something else" that is sprouting. 

flowering rose

In this hot weather all the trees are shedding their leaves in response to the drought conditions.

Alina W

Are the shoots from the roots dropping their leaves as well?

If so, the tree is very short of water, as suggested above - try giving it a good soak at the roots.

A picture would be useful, though.

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