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Hi all,

I hope the weather hasn't been to hard on you all. My garden is a bit of a swamp at the moment but nothing a few dry days wont fix, I hope.

I have a (very) large tree in the garden of a house I have recently moved in to and internet searches haven't helped at all. I wonder if any of you could help ID it for me? I have only been in the house a few months so haven't seen it all year round but it is evergreen and seems like it has thousands of buds on it so hoping for an explosion of flowers in spring, if not, I quite like it as it is!

Any help is very much appreciated 




No expert, but I'd say that's Laurus nobilis, the Bay Tree.

You could flavour an awful lot of stews with a tree that size!


A very fine specimen


landgirl100 wrote (see)

You could flavour an awful lot of stews with a tree that size!

Not with Laurel! It is not Bay.

It is not the best placed on a shared border but if the neighbours find no fault then who is complaining?


That doesn't look like laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) to me. 


Its huge! we cut a lot back as well when we moved in as it was blocking the view of the garden as it's the house end of the garden.

Thank you for all the replies so far. The neigbours haven't mentioned anything yet but we've been talking a lot lately (mainly about bins!) so im sure they'll mention it.

Bay has a distinctive savoury smell, rip a leaf in half and sniff. It does look like Bay but I've never seen one as big as that.


I have landgirl, a very large tree in a churchyard in Cambridge.

I think mine would be that big if I didn't cut it back sometimes. It's due for another haircut now. I'd let it go on up but it's only a few feet from the house and totally blocks the view from the landing window.

You're right, it's very easy to tell them apart by smell. 



I will head out tomorrow morning and give a leaf a sniff. I do really like its just at the wrong end of the garden so will have to live with it where it is and perhaps give it a tidy up. When would bw the best time? Im thinking after the small buds flower?

The fig tree you ID'd a few month ago is under the tree, nutcutlet (bottom left in pic). Its looking very different this time of year. All gangly and bare.

Hi Gary. I as going to try and get mine done before the birds got into nesting mode. Not sure that it's best for the bay but that's what I shall do.

If I get there soon enough


Good morning!
Ahh yes, I didn't think about the birds, there's always something or another in the tree so I wouldn't want to disturb them if they decide to nest. I may have to do the same and get cutting sooner rather than later.

I have a regular great tit.  I've already upset it's winter roosting site in an obsolete extractor fan housing. I can't cause any more deprivation


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