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About 22 yrs ago I planted a little euclayptus down the garden. When it reached 90' a few yrs ago I had the height reduced by half. This encouraged it to grow even quicker  so in march this year I had it cut down completely. I think it cost £3 to buy and £1100 to remove!

The remaining stump at ground level measures 1.6m (~ 5') across and is a big eyesore so was considering getting someone in with a stump grinder.

Does anyone know how effective the stump grinders are? Will I be able to plant over where the stump was or will I still have to wait several years before I can plant anything?




A stump grinder will grind it up. If you remove the ground up root and replace with good soil you've got your garden back.

we did one 5 years ago just brilliant not expensive we explained exactly what we wanted to do and it was done talk to the grinder as they say

Couldn't agree more.     We had a huge walnut tree stump removed by grinding and it was great.    Keep the grindings - you can use them as a mulch or just compost them.


Thank you all very mch - that's decided it.

Had a quote of £250 from the guys who done an excellent job taking the euclayptus down.

Will get another to compare

Happy gardening



Can anybody give me a contact of a stump grinding company I live in east london

Ple can anybody forward me a contact for a reliable and cheap grinding company I live in east london


We recently used a company called Stumpbusters - it is a franchise, so would be a different guy in your area, but ours was very good

Thanks for the reply. How much did you pay. And how big was your stump


We had 20 leylandii stumps - all quite large - it took half a day and was about £200 - he charged by the hour.  The kit was impressive, and our job took a while because there were so many individual stumps to do.

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