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how can I kill a large tree stump please


Either get the stump grinders in or drill holes and inject root killer.

Or if you keep cutting off any new growth it will give up eventually, without leaves it can't survive indefinitely.

What is it? Some give up more easily than others

its sycamore when iget the holes drilled in the stump which root killer should I use

andy pandy wrote (see)

how can I kill a large tree stump please!


The kids and their pals having finished school today have just been watching "Shane", believe it or not in the film  Alan Ladd and Van Heflin removed a large tree stump with brute force and ignorance!

Didn't think about it until I read your post, but I expect it will not be of help to you!








great film shane .  i had elder  stumps  and drilled  holes and filled with waste paint and turps and cut back any growth . they now have rotted down and are a haven for insects ,

was interested to read about the waste paint and turps.  I am presently trying to get rid of Sumach ( a great shame as a lovely tree in the right place but sadly a case of wrong place ).  During the past few weeks, I have cut all growth back wherever I can see it and have used Roundup tree stump killer.  Too early to tell whether it is going to be successful but I would welcome any ideas which have been proven to work.

Can you dig out the main tree stump philippa?

A recent thread about sumach may help you 

Thanks Verdun...........can't dig out the original tree stump (at least not without dismantling my neighbour's house ) and the suckers have spread around 3 meters diam.  I have treated both the main tree and all suckers.

I will look for the sumach thread - thanks for the pointer 

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