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Hi All,

I've never posted on here so apologies if I'm doing it wrong!

I have had a quick look around but not found anything that helps me.

So in May last year, I moved into a new house, has a small front garden with a big tree, little bit of grass and lots of bushes/shrubs. Which has all been fine until now, when going out to my car the other day (which was parked under the tree) I noticed apart from the millions of petals that fall from it, my car was absolutely covered in these tiny little bugs, at first I thought they were tiny spiders but they aren't.

I didn't think too much of it until my wife's car was even worse and then the bins were covered in them too, so I started looking around and they are all over the window sills, the cars, the bins, and the branches and leaves of the tree and shrubs are not visible through them all.

Could someone tell me what they are? If it's normal and what I can do to get rid/prevent them?

Thanks so much for any help!




It may be that you have to put up with this every year in April/May. What kind is the tree?  I have seen roads in Bristol where the lime trees make a terrible mess of cars parked under them.


I've clicked on the pic and it enlarges well - but I've no idea what those little eight-legged creatures are 

I'm not sure what kind of tree it is I'm afraid, here is a pic though if anyone can identify it. 

Just to say as well, the pic I put of the bugs is the only one I could get where they weren't all over it as I wanted to get a clear pic of the bug rather than a swarm!


They have 6 legs not 8, the front things are the antennae

If it was 8 legs I wouldn't get nearly as close! lol



They look like whitefly, some sort of aphid anyway. I have a lime tree which seems to drop something every season of the year, including stickiness. Looks rather like a lime tree.


Sorry, didn't give a solution - but I think it will be a temporary problem and they will move on. Just one of those things that sometimes happens, like swarms of Daddy long legs.


Not white fly, they dont have visible wings and are very flat, almost shield bug shaped.  How long is the body Tom?


Weird, have searched on Google, found the odd insect without wings but nothing quite like that. Hadn't noticed the lack of wings, should have clicked on photo a second time.

Tom.C wrote (see)

They have 6 legs not 8, the front things are the antennae

If it was 8 legs I wouldn't get nearly as close! lol

Must stop using my old glasses 

Tom, try posting on iSpot , in the Invertebrates section. There will be an expert along to help you very soon. I find it really useful!

Its a definitely an aphid, you can see the little tubes on the abdomen where the sweet sap comes from that the ants farm. It's just wingless.

Lyn, the body ranges from under 1mm to about 2mm, so not very big at all.

Thanks landgirl100, I'll also post on there and see what comes back, I'll let you know if anything is discovered...

Thank you all!

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