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would like to plant a magnolia, cherry, pair, and plumb trees in the garden-

How far do the routes grow on these trees - how close to the house can i plant them?

there all in pots at the moment, but i would like to plant them in the garden 5 metre away and then pave from the house to the trees - will the trees bring up the paving ?

I hope this makes sense   


Hard question this one Andrew.

Lots of different species and varieties of all these. What have you got?


With cherries it depends on the rootstock.with dwarf rootstock, all of these should be fine at 5m from the house. What varieties do you have?


With the pear and plum as well, it depends on the variety and rootstock that it's been grafted onto.  And some magnolias grow huge, and others take forever to get to a decent size.

What varieties do the labels say?

morello cherry

victoria plum

conference pair

not sure what the magnolia is but i will get a picture



Hi Andy, weve just moved to a Bungalow actually called Magnolias and we have 8 and i dont know which variety they are but like Dove says some can be huge, im moving 4 away from the house so taking no chances and i hope to keep them to a reasonable size if i can,so the answer is check the variety and make a note of it for any buyer in case you ever move home,  good luck  

Duncan Blackwell
If you live near a new housing site, have a word with the site manager as they have a tree guide to see where and what can be planted near buildings.

That is Magnolia grandifolia. I would not plant that next to a house but would keep it in a large pot next to a south facing wall.

thanks for your comments. 

i will buy a large pot - ant ideas on size?

what about the fruit trees?


thank you


im told normally fruit trees spread roots about the same width of the width of the  full grow tree, maybe a rough guide . 

Duncan Blackwell

I've just had a Quince tree delivered and with it came this handy little guide


Oak                                      30m

Elm                                      30m

Hawthorn                               12m

Ash                                       21m

Sycamore                              17m

Birch                                     10m

Maple                                    20m

Popular                                  35m

Willow                                   40m

Cyprus                                   20m

Rowan                                   11m

Magnolia                                5m

Walnut                                   14m

Laburnum                               9m

Horse Chestnut                       23m

Beech                                    15m

Plane                                     22m


These are maximum distances that have been recorded from damage to pr

Andrew Ridsdale wrote (see)

thanks for your comments. 

i will buy a large pot - ant ideas on size?

what about the fruit trees?


thank you

For grandiflora I would not over pot - so go up a pot size when it needs it.

Thanks for your help. 


if i was to plant the magnolia in the ground but keep it small would that stop the roots growing to big towards the house ?? 




I had a house with a magnolia growing against and then under a single brick extension and it caused the building to come away from the main  house

careful what you plant !


I have a holly tree growing close to my house and an underground sewage pipe how big will its roots become and should I take it out?

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