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Hi Everyone

my friend's garden is being taken over by Trifolium repens 'Purpurascens Quadrifolium' (sometimes known as the purple 4-leaf version of Irish Shamrock).  It seems to have rooted itself fairly deeply.  Is there any other way of getting shot of it short of digging deep to remove it and putting down thick black weed suppressant plastic?  She does want to be able to re-plant once she has eradicated it.


Thank you


i'd remove any plants I wanted to keep then get out the glyphosate. Iwould carefully quarantine the rescued plants in pots before I put them back in the garden

If it's any consolation, the late great John Cushnie would name it as his most detested weed! glyphosate may seem extreme but prob the only real way to eradicate it.

I bought this in my naive younger days.  convinced local nursery manager to stock this purple beauty.  he didnt know it then but my animated keenness persuaded him it was rather special

it seeds and it is a pest.  its not deep rooted so just dig it out making sure you take a good clump of soil with it


Horrible horrible weed this one. A real pain if allowed to get into the garden. I use double strength Glyphosate solution whenever it appears and it's very hard to eradicate. Be warned!


I've got some of this in a raised bed which gets very dry, it hasn't spread like crazy at all in those conditions

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