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Marion that's the sort of weather we usually get here at this time of year-think it's heading this way tomorrow night...  

I love tulips and tend to put them in pots as I'm on clay so it's easier to maintain them. As I've recently moved I'll hopefully get some organised this year for next Spring. I love the really dark ones and whites/creams. They can be so cheerful on a dull day. I had some of the little early ones a long time ago and might try some of those again.

Berg- most people have some sympathy for badgers and the current issues with TB/culls  etc but, along with deer and rabbits, they don't realise how much damage they can do in our precious plots! 


Fairygirl here's some i cut yesterday for my good lady outside now but grew them in my greenhouse.


Andy-I love the dark ones!!! Black/inky plants are my favourites! I have the Iris 'Night Owl' and it would be great to have this tulip alongside them to give continuation. Will have to note that for future bed!!


I have been delighted with my early kaufmanniana tulips this year and especially "Ancilla" which starts off mainly white and once pollinated turns pink!  i do love tulips that die beautifully.  Here they are before and after.




i just love tulips full stop... mine have just started to open in the last few days.. with the warmth we have had last week.. may it long continue!

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